How Ed’s Deal Works

Ed’s Deal is the solution to your appliance problem! You need a washer and dryer, refrigerator, or range that you can afford now, without paying three times the cost on a traditional rent-to-own.

Ed delivers a clean, refurbished loaner to your home right away, so you don’t have to wait – and it comes with full service! In the meantime, you’re looking forward to a brand new appliance in layaway, all for one unbelievably low weekly payment.

Ed’s Deal is the best deal in Lafayette!

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Easy Weekly Payments Starting At:

For Rentals When You Use Ed’s Deal.

“It’s not rent-to-own, it’s much better!”

rent-to-new not rent-to-own

Ed’s Deal Rent-to-NEW is the deal for you! Here is how it works.

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Small weekly payments give you a clean, refurbished rental, with full service, while buying you a brand new machine in layaway.

Your Appliance Is Waiting…

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rent to own lafayette indiana No Credit Checks

Our rental transaction is not credit.

rent to own lafayette indiana No Interest

It is a layaway, not a loan.

rent to own lafayette indiana Cash Price

You get the cash price of the appliance.

rent to own lafayette indiana No Time Limit

As long as you make consistent weekly payments.

rent to own lafayette indiana Option Anytime

You can pay off your layaway at anytime.

rent to own lafayette indiana Super Low Rental Rates

When you commit to purchase the new appliance.

Make simple weekly installments towards your new appliance.

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Factory Warranty

That’s Right – Free repairs during payment period, then you get the factory warranty starting the day you take possession of your brand new appliance (typically one year).

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factory warranty on new appliances

Service Comparison – Ed’s Deal vs. Rent-To-Own

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Ed Has A Deal For You

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No wonder so many customers call Ed their hero! Ed’s customers know if they keep up their end of the bargain, the reward of brand new at the fair & square price is worth it all.

The super-duper low priced rental is all you pay beyond what the “full cash up front” customer pays.

What a deal – it’s Ed’s Deal!

Choose from a variety of brands and models for your desired brand new appliance.